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Review and Spotlight on Turquoise Silence by Sanober Khan

Turquoise Silence by Sanober Khan

A disclaimer: This book is a part of a blog tour conducted by The Book Club and all the reviews are done in exchange of a copy of the book from the publisher or author. No monetary trasaction takes place.

The Blurb

The book is a collection of free verse poems that encapsulate the poet's most heartfelt emotions about life. They speak of moments that sweep our breath away, of beauty that bewitches the heart, of people, memories, sights, sounds and smells that awaken a sense of wonder and wistfulness. With rich metaphors and eloquently flowing imagery, the poet's love for the simple things in life unfolds in
different moods and tones, ultimately ending up in words felt, cherished, conceived and written... in turquoise silence.

The Review

The poetess, Sanober, whispers some wise words amidst a bluish green ambience, which helps transcend the reader into bliss while importing thoughts from various streams where life touches all living souls.

Her book starts with poetry in my heart, which narrates the journey of the soul and takes the reader on a roller coaster ride from the good times where beautiful moments are appreciated, cherished and conserved.

She also makes a truce with all those periods of time that are happy to be kept in the past by giving it an empty handshake and a silent prayer.

A Forever Wish List takes my attention since it is remarkably simple yet, gives a lifetime of happiness if man ponders over it, and aims for some of them since the poet admits that there are some things that will only exist in poetic forms.

Life is practical, and Sanober is clear to explain her thoughts even though the decibel is very low. The lull amidst the pragmatic words tries to create a balance for the reader as she gets a moment or two to peep inside her desires and channel them accordingly.

Wishing the poetess, Sanober many more melodious moments ahead.

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Meet the Poet

imageanchor="1" style="clear: left; float: left; margin-bottom: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

Writing poetry is a very different, mystical experience. There is no plot, no storyline, no characters…just a stage set for you and your own deepest self. When I wrote my first poem six years ago, I never imagined it would someday become such an important aspect of my life.

 I have always loved poetry for the creative freedom it offers, the minimal rules, its ability to elevate even the most ordinary moments. At the end of each poem I write, it feels as though I have not just evolved in my style, but also as a person.  My work first appeared in Cyberwit’s international journal, the Taj Mahal Review, which paved the way for me to getting two books published.

I have long been inspired by poets like Khalil Gibran, Rumi, Rabindranath Tagore ,Rolf Jacobsen, E.E Cummings, and John Keats. A voracious reader myself, I enjoy reading poetry and novels from around the globe.


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