Thursday, May 15, 2014

Some Happy Music to help find your flow....

'Was listening to Pharell Williams and his happy tune was putting me in high spirits and tap my fingers on the table.

Is there ever a reason to be happy?

Sure, if the mind is at ease then it can be elated and tap at any music. Brain is so smart, that it can translate even the dreary kind of music if spirits are high. Co-incidence that Happy was playing and I clapped along...

Being happy, content, and satisfied helps one find a flow towards our day. It is the sense of effortless action which some refer it to be like just darn lucky or as American Authors call it the Best day of my life that makes an individual jump so high that he touches the clouds and also has the courage to dance with monsters through the night. 

The impact of having a good day is so positive that man tends to make affirmations that he is not going to look back and never give up cause today he attained so much that it has touched his soul, and things are looking as bright as the sun till midnight.

Such "flow" experiences are vivid that man aspires to touch the sky (just as when an individual is in love) The magnetism is alluring and it tends to make an individual tap into the source of joy and try to invite it into their daily routine. This joy once recognized is infectious that even if the day is going as a roller coaster, he will make an effort to dig deep within and find his flow.

Such is the charisma of happiness that it makes a person hungry, and want that stage of mind again and again. 

The recipe is darn simple since it is just pure awareness, and the path after that is plain bliss. 

Mantra for today: Catch this happiness bug within you, and get liberated.

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