Friday, May 9, 2014

Bow thee Foopers!

Foopers refers to us, the people who are termed as the common man!

Why Foo-pers?
Foo is a universal substitute for something real yet common
per--each of us

Each of us is a real cause we have a body, which if pinched will react. Our emotions can drive us over the hill or can drown us in our own tears. Even though we have a tough life on this planet, we enjoy each phase of our life.

We are  the producers, directors and actors of our own life, and many of us are still unaware of it, and look around for guidance.

Most of us are wearing fetters around our feet since the rules and guidelines created by our own mankind is making us limit our productivity as we try to abide by them. While there are some who go beyond their imagination and are either termed as hilarious or highly creative individuals.

 We all are passersby who like to stop now and then from our busy schedules, watch around us, shun the ugly and absorb the pretty stuff. This translucent sheet works wonders on our frame as we choose to osmose what we fancy and continue to watch the drama along the border line.
Thus, allowing many to continue making headlines that are usually weird and obnoxious.

Although, needless to say, we the foopers suffer a lot throughout this lifetime, since we are the first ones to get hit when any catastrophe strikes whether it is the economy or mother nature. While the non-foopers sit in their thick walled mansions that do not let a speck of dust (of any kind) impact them.

And what is sweet about the whole story is that we blame it on our kismet and move along. Our testaments advise us to be resilient and not sin since the karma chameleon could come and bite us.

 It takes much work and motivation to walk a single step if you are wearing those ordinary shoes, as we werdle across the platform of life to see what our future has in store.

Although the testaments advise us to be be resilient and and it takes courage and many lives to be a fooper. So, be proud of the fact, and move along!

Mantra for today: Jai ho to the Fooper!


This post is written for Project365 with a theme, "give a word an evolutionary push: 
give a common word a new meaning, explain it to us, and use it in the title of your post."

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