Friday, March 22, 2013

Activities to do when bored!

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One time when I was bored out of my mind, I applied makeup on my sleeping brother!

I am so serious!

This takes me back to many years when I was a 1st or a 2nd grader.

It was one of those dreary Sunday afternoons, when my parents would nap, and usually my elder brother and I would play in the backyard. For some reason, my brother wanted to sleep, and promising me that he will wake up in a few minutes, went inside. I tried keeping the ball as my company but, even that started to wear out.

I went in, and tried to wake him up, but no luck. I was sitting next to him and scanning the room. He used to have posters of Madonna in his room. I scrutinized her and then looked at my brother.

Tiptoed to my parent's room, and got a couple of cosmetics such as Eye liner pencil, blush, lipstick. Sat next to my brother, and started painting his face. The poster was my inspiration. I applied stuff on my brother's face, and finally ended it with the popular mole on his upper lip with the eye liner pencil. My mom woke up, and she was passing by my brother's room, when she saw me coming out with a hand full of her cosmetics.

She was curious with all that stuff in my hands, and when asked, I was too innocent to blurt it out. Pointed to my brother's face. She came in to see what I had done, and could not control her laughter. She laughed so loudly that my brother woke up. My dad heard her loud chuckles and came out. He also joined in the fun, while my brother still looked curiously for the reason of laughter.

Finally, my mom handed him a mirror, and he was shocked!

But, today when I look back at it; he was looking so cute. I wish he had allowed my mom to take a picture of him.

Needless to say, I was given a time out for this deed. But, my excuse was that I was darn bored!

Mantra for today: Innocence is so darn cute!
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