Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Progression of Man

 Man is an intelligent soul but where are we heading?

I am seeing people getting transplants 'cause they are not happy with their looks and imitating non-living creatures such as Barbie doll.

I was taken aback by the recent news of a girl imitating to be like a cartoon character. She spends an hour to do that make up. Sure, it is highly creative of her to be doing that but I wish she would put it to proper use.

She sure is looking pretty with that kind of makeup, but realistically speaking why can't we be confident in what we are. Just wear yourself naturally whether you are dark skinned, light skinned, small eyes, big eyes, weigh less or more.

Being confident in what you are is the key to being a human 'cause this species is very smart and intelligent and to cross over to become like a non-existent character is an insult to human race!

My mantra would be: Be Original.

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