Friday, May 9, 2014

A Journey of a Mom

Dedicating a Haiku to all the Mother's in the world!

A baby is born,
When a woman delivers;
She becomes a Mom.

Becoming a Mom,
Brings a lot of adjustment;

Mom takes the challenge,
She brings essential changes;
To nurture her descendent.

Mom is the next name,
For unselfish relation;
Her child comes foremost.

Her caress is soft,
Unconditional divine;
Is her selfless love.

Take into account,
Your entire benediction;
Count them and be blessed!

All Men are wealthy,
As loaded with affection;
From a noble mother!

Mantra for today: No woman is perfect, but becoming a mom makes her take everything to perfection!

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy to link up with FTSF whose topic is, "Dear Mom"
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