Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Impression of Hands Conjoined

Wordless Wednesday, I saw the lovely picture by Indrani Ghose where she had displayed hands that were combined.
It brought ME solace just looking at that photo.

Wondered, if it is the color combination in print or just the notion of two parts of the body being entwined. Although, I am sure legs or arms weaved around do not make such an impact.

What is it about hands?

Is it the gesture of man's obedience to divine power?


Is it a sign of submission, sincerity or repentance?


Is it the mere touch?

Such lovely nouns with profound meaning.

Hands can be mystical and can create such an impact when clasped since, it promises optimism, while giving the anticipation for a dream to come true.

No wonder, seeing those hands clasped together, makes me skip a heart beat as it ablutions off the stress and gives me hope for a brighter tomorrow.

 Mantra for today: Hope keeps a man alive!
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