Monday, March 3, 2014

Oh, Silly me!

Wednesday is the day when we put out our garbage, and I did the needful and retired for the day!

Next day morning I woke up with the assumption that it is a Friday, and I walk outside and drag my bin in without checking the content in it. The day goes on with the belief that it is the last working day of the week when suddenly I hear a loud screeching noise. I think to myself that such a noise is usually heard on Thursdays when the garbage truck comes by. I peep outside the window to see the wheeled vehicle doing its job near my neighbor's house.

My mouth was wide open as was confused. I go check on my phone for the day and then quickly rushed outside to put the garbage bin while frantically waving at the driver.

Alas, he went away!

Oh Silly me for jumping a day and hoping for a weekend sooner than expected.

However, that feeling was wonderful and except for the garbage mishap, I felt good for those few hours!

Mantra for today: A healthy presumption can sometimes bring balance in one's life!


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