Monday, March 3, 2014

Go to hell, for heaven's sake!

"Go to hell!" I hear a voice as I walk past a stranger sitting on the road with a HOMELESS sign, whom I did not pay heed to. 

 "Hell" hmm I think. 

"Don't we already live in that place? Although it is defined as a place beneath the earth where the wicked are punished after death. But, death is such a common noun since people are killed every second on this planet. Picking up a newspaper is nerve cringing these days." 

As I continued to walk along the rough surface, I ponder. "Wonder what heaven would be like? Although it is also another noun but has such an angelic and goodness behind it. Is it because it is a place in the sky and not beneath the earth?"

 I scratch my grey matter over this intense topic and wonder if sky would be a place to visit. But, then think of all the goody goody stuff happening there and wonder if that will go into my head or also might find all that a fake cause being surrounded 24/7 by generosity, friendliness, righteousness, and morality will make life pretty dull with no excitement or play.

 I was not sure that I would like to visit such a place cause sorrows when accompanied by happiness makes life so much worthwhile that I felt that being in my present place would be an awesome location to be since it keeps me grounded amidst the chaos, agonies and the daily blazes that need to be extinguished. 

The daily dose of dreaming and the excitement of possibilities keeps me alive cause musing and planning brings out the best in the intelligence of man.

 Mantra for today: It is the Anticipation that keeps us alive!

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