Thursday, February 27, 2014

What to expect from a grown up?

As adults, we all remember our childhood and reminiscence those moments that gave us utmost pleasure or hurt us the most. It is the superlative part that is always commemorated. Such is the philosophy of mind. 

"I got a new racquet for scoring well in my test. Wow! this is the best memory ever"
"I lost my way while hiking in the snow path, and that was the scariest moment ever!"
"She was my best friend, but ever since she fooled me, I don't like her anymore!"
"She called me xxxx name, and I will never forget it!"

Best and Worst memories tend to take some storage in our brain. 

Thus, when reliving some moments from our childhood, there are chances that the above thoughts could come back to us.

What would be our instant reaction?

We would either cringe our teeth over it, and swear silently. 

But, then after pondering over it for a couple of seconds. We try to catch our breath and let it go!

"The most unexpected part of being a grownup is that we have to be responsible and control our emotions!"

The purpose of life is to fight maturity. - Dick Werthimer

Can you imagine a world where adults emotions go haywire when they have a heated discussion with an individual who is half their age?

Science has proved that if emotions are not expressed, they tend to cause stress and eventually this stress could lead to diseases. So then why can't man express his emotions out loud, why can an adult not roll in the store if the shelf is empty and he missed out on the sale price or why can't he behave like a kid when things don't favor him?

Unfortunately, we have to be a role model to our children or younger generation so that they know how to behave in a supermarket when they insist upon purchasing that sugary cereal or that junk food dipped in high fructose syrup. 

It is a bummer, but we have to!

However, to be childlike in many instances such as a halt to smell the roses or to pass a smile to a stranger whose eyebrows are twitched up due to stress or laugh, sing, clap your hands, or play can be good stress busters and are highly recommended.

Adults are just obsolete children and the hell with them.”― Dr. Seuss

This makes me retrospect that we ought to cherish our years and learn to live in the present by not rushing the moments and putting "If...then" clauses in our lives.

When we turned thirteen, we wished to be twenty one so that we could enjoy bounties of freedom by moving out of our parent's home but, alas that came with responsibilities, and that has led me to chant OM many times during the day just to keep my sanity and behavior under check!

Mantra for today: Enjoy your present!

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