Monday, December 9, 2013

Food Concoctions

Let's face it..We are all food junkies.

The pie, and the cookies all cooked with loads of butter. 

Thanksgiving is long gone, but the leftovers still haunt us.

In our heart of hearts,  we would love to eat junk food any time of the day, but then the conscious people refrain from it due to health issues.

Health is Wealth. 
If Health is favorable, then we can make wealth. 

Wealth is the King these days. In this materialistic world where style and technology are changing within a wink of an eye, we need wealth to keep up with this world. 

So, in order to be happening we sacrifice this junk food, which is like a devil. It's making my mouth water right now while typing it.

So, either we can have a strong back bone and refrain from that kind of food or make a concoction of it and destroy our memories of what exactly it tasted like when we had it the last time.

Which one would you like to choose?

Making a Concoction is creative.

It could also taste good. Our taste buds could like the new so-called burger which is usually consisting of mayo, a slice of cheese, a patty, lettuce, slice of tomato, pickle. We could add a slice of cooked eggplant, a slice of zucchini, or any other vegetable which we hate the sight of.


This could either make us start liking the vegetable that we cannot stand the sight of or just cut back on our excess calories by refusing to eat another burger for a long time.

So, let's cook our favorite junk food in style. Decorate with all the vegetables or meat we hate the sight of and then serve it up in a humongous fancy platter. 

Let's be superficial to ourselves and wait up for the reaction; we would love to have all this time.

Mantra for today: Live life to the fullest and enjoy!

WriteTribe is having a week long festival of words.
Today's word is Food.

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