Monday, November 18, 2013

How to get Sustainable Joy?

Joy is one kind of happiness, which makes the mind and the body set free, and we are in a state of bliss.

Since humans are social animals, our method of joy is some kind of materialistic achievement.

Got a promotion...Joy!

Got a new Phone...Joy!

Got a house...Joy!

Unfortunately, this kind of joys are terribly short lived.

Venture onto a journey which has sustainable joys. Go on that path that keeps your joy liveable for a long time.

Smell a flower...feel the joy.

See the sunrise...experience the joy

Volunteer your time...get acquainted with joy.

Note: This kind of joy will be long lived. It will come back to you especially when you are down emotionally to uplift your spirits. Adapt these techniques to get joy and feel the difference within you.

Mantra for today:  Shortcuts can only give superficial joy. Look for longevity in each chapter of your life. 

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