Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interpretation of Fall Season

Fall is around the corner, and as we enjoy the beautiful landscape around us.

I also feel it is trying to convey a message.

Comparing life of humans with the life span of the leaves on a tree (however, the number of years do not matter as the number of years we live: matters in deeds and not in years)

The green leaves represent man's youth and when they change color they signify wisdom of man.

Just as streets lighten up with the fall colors of the leaves.

The same way, man's wisdom resonates miles and we tend to see society beaming with positivity and progress.

Beauty lies in both the situations.

Man just ought to be aware of this special gift he possesses, and can always peep within during Spring, Summer or Winter season.

Mantra for today: Man possesses an alluring insight as a result he does not need reminders by the fall season.

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