Thursday, September 5, 2013

Seven Reasons for Man to Rebuild

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The theme is to write about ways to rebuild yourself. 

One Life but many hurdles.

Man tends to break down every now and then.

What could motivate him to get up and get moving?

“Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.”
― J.K. Rowling

Today I talk about the season of rebuilding.

Seven reasons for man to revive matter what!

  • Relationships: Gotta get up for the sake of your family or dear friends. It hurts them to see you dejected and refusing to lick your wounds.

  • Resolutions: The goals and ambitions of your life are all disseminated if not attended. Another motivation to get moving.

  • Robustness: Health is Wealth in today's times. Another incentive to move yourself so, that those muscles, and joints stay healthy till you breathe your last.

  • Rat Race: The cat will bell some other rat if you do not attend to your chores. Besides, how will the mortgage and bills be paid if you do not run in this rat race?

  • Respect: An individual who is idle will lose his dignity and admiration from others. Each person ought to work or contribute to make him earn this noun.

  • Religiosity: Whatever religion man follows, he ought to work to get some karma points. Sitting idle is considered a sin, thus move it Fellas.

  • Ratiocination: As it is said, "Empty mind is a devil's workshop." Man ought to keep his logistics running since that will help him avoid getting into depression.

Mantra for today: Reviving  oneself is like jump starting a car that keeps moving.

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