Sunday, September 1, 2013

Seven ingredients for the Success of Man

The theme is to write about seven wonderful things that help shape our lives. 

Man lives one Life, but he faces unlimited contingencies each day. Thus, making each moment exciting and appealing.

Every soul has a motto in life: To succeed.

For a man to succeed, secretion of adrenaline is necessary as it helps him to overcome many barriers in his life and climb the ladder of success. This success could be weighed in with material possessions or as values in life.

Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get” ― W.P. Kinsella

Seven ingredients that can help man succeed in any outlook are:

  • Sincerity: As the saying goes, "Honesty is the best policy." Being honest in your dealings can take an individual to a higher stand. This stance could be weighed with money or principles in life.

  • Self-Respect: Self esteem is also an essential ingredient to be added for the success of the man. This additive brings dignity to an individual which helps him to deal with people around him.

  • Scrupulousness: Being thorough and aware of our surroundings can help man succeed either in financial dealings or taking his outlook of life to a higher aspect.

  • Soundness: If an individual is stable in his thoughts, it can help him climb the ladder of success which can either be of money or ethics of life.

  • Stability: Reaching out to people in distress shows how balanced an individual is, and that can relate to his rate of success.

  • Sympathy: Sharing feelings of compassion with others and trying to understand theirs; speaks a lot about your personality. This helps an individual climb the ladder of boom.

  • Sagacity: Wisdom is an important concoction for success. It helps an individual understand the inner qualities of people and that can equate to the prosperity of man in all aspects.

Mantra for today: Nothing is free in life. You want success; you pay for it. It can either be cash or kind.

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