Thursday, August 1, 2013

Zap your hunger pangs!

Are you overweight?

Is food your solace when stressed out?

Are you addicted to specific foods?

If the above questions have an answer, Yes!

Jump in the wagon.

These days man wants an easy way out of each situation. Who has the time to meditate upon our dislikes and try to control them. Will-power is an outdated noun, and many have kicked it to the curb.

Man is a smart individual, when resoluteness is out, something has to come in vogue. Lately, man has been able to deactivate their hunger hormones by Electro-acupuncture.

The above technique has shown surprising results by helping curb hunger, cravings. Thus, assisting an individual to reduce weight by lowering blood levels of the hunger regulating hormone Leptin. Once this hormone is inactive, food intake becomes less even when a human is stressed out or addicted to a kind of food.

Man is so smart that he comes out with some revolutionary ideas to help his brethren. We all love short cuts cause it saves us time.

My 2 cents

Taking a detour prevents man to grow emotionally. Man gotta work on that avenue since not all paths will be divergence towards comfort.

Mantra for today: Will-Power is essential for any kind of accomplishment.

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