Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Refusing to Age

Science has proved that we start to deteriorate, the day we are born.

However, man refuses to give in to the cycle of degeneration.

A Harvard based Australian researcher has found a secret to help slow down the aging process. He developed a synthetic molecule that help activate the anti-aging enzyme that directs other proteins to keep the cell healthy. Sure, being a biochemist, I was awed by this news of success since this drug once in the market will revolutionize mankind.

Amazing huh!

Sure, but with the many biochemical pathways that our body undergoes, I am worried if this will interfere with one such pathway that could turn out to be a recipe for disaster!

Also, once people consume that drug, longevity will increase. Now, with the human population increasing by every second, will our planet be able to take upon this burden?

My 2 cents!
Human body has been designed so intrinsically that even till today man is finding causes of the many diseases that inflict upon man! Thus, to try to transform something can provoke and create something monstrous.

Avoid touching the Laws of Nature. Be prepared to age since; that is just a number. It is the mindset that matters!

Mantra for today: Avoid touching the natural laws.
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