Friday, August 30, 2013

Music into Words

Translating music to what your soul desires or craves.

Belarius of Michael Maas

Winds of Change

The dusky, grimy and somber life, which is surrounded by torture, and twinge are about to end.

  Man has realized his potential and is rising from his own pool of affliction and scourge by wiping his hands with the hope of a new dawn.

This daybreak is assuring man that he is powerful, intelligent and can shape his own future thus, asking him to forget his past by building new bridges that can link up man of all classes and form a thick mesh of unity.

  This will revolutionize mankind to a change that will give each human a taste of freedom to hold the reins of their own life. Thus, allowing him to enjoy the bounties of nature without any restrictions while enjoying the taste of being a mortal.

Mantra for today: Translating music into what your heart desires can be liberating to the soul, and gives wings to your ambition.

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