Thursday, August 29, 2013

Independence is a sham

Continuing the topic about Independence and it's relation with Man.

I talked about how man is inter-dependent on his brethren and his environment for his happiness, contentment and progress.

"I have a Dream," said Martin Luther King Jr.

"I want freedom for the full expression of my personality"
Mahatma Gandhi

Currently security of man is a hot topic.
Safety of people has become such an important issue.
Man cannot trust man.

Result: Check points everywhere.

Want to Travel? You have to empty all your pockets, open your suitcase, and be prepare to expose oneself in those unique TCA machines. People try to convince themselves by saying it is for safety purpose. Sure, we have no choice but to open up in the name of one's safety.

Want to express yourself? Unfortunately, these days only the media and the politicians seem to have independence with regards what to write, what to think and how to act. A common man who is working hard and paying his taxes has no say in this matter. However, this person is allowed to walk and stroll along the streets, but opinions do not count!

He has to follow the rules stamped by the legislature.

Fear has inflicted man to wear a mask where there is ugliness and trash talk, thus dampening his other rights such as speech and action fearlessly.

My 2 cents
We all are living a life of a sham, pretense where happiness is shallow. Let us create a ripple of positivity so that awareness becomes an important factor. Man should be able to enjoy his Freedom of Speech, and Action. It is his birthright. It is the path that our leaders fought for. We have to maintain that legacy for our future generation.

Mantra for today: Life is meaningful if, lived with a purpose.
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