Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Royal Baby!

IndiBlogeshwaries have a writing prompt...what makes you or your baby a royal baby!
Join in the fun!

With four births happening every second of each day. The Royal High ness's baby was in the spot light around the globe. I wonder how many infants would be fortunate to get that treatment.

However, man is free to dream thus, was wondering what would it be like for my kid to be a royal baby. He sure has traits of a prince.

Since his childhood, he would allure people by his eyes and smile.

Well for starters, my toddler could play with his eyes and if things did not go his way, there would be a peculiar rise in the eyebrows, and then a pause with a twisted smile, which, would make the other person uncomfortable and that would result in giving in to his insistence.

His demands were always served on a platter, Your Highness!

As a kid,  he has been fond of speed, good food, music. A typical personality of a prince!

Being a common man, we made him run around town by participating in 5K, 10K runs and made him drain off his desire for speed. However, that did not stop him, and he dreams of driving a fast car using air pressure thus the desire to manufacture a balloon car. Sure, innovation has no end just that he ought to find some company to fund his experiment. Till then, I allowed him to make a project in school and showcase it.

Good food has always been his favorite along with some good music.

Since he is a kid, I prefer to cook for him (now) but eventually have plans of training him in this field. With regards to music, I have taught him to amuse himself with melody.

Mantra for today: Every child has traits of royalty, thus very important to nurture and ground him.

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