Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Wombs for Hire

Man is an intelligent soul. He tends to look out for demand around and then accordingly supplies to the community.

Some couples either do not have time to sit back and take nine months easy or their biological clock has  ticked away. Thus, making the demand of a human body who can help carry the embryo and nurture it for nine months.

Wombs for hire come into the business.

Isn't it amazing how man comes to the rescue of his brethren.

When there is a demand for surrogate moms, women step out to help. Needless to say, the process of offering one's body for rent for nine long months is not cheap.

These days one bedroom apartment rent, is not less than four figures so, renting out the womb for pregnancy ought to be fancy!

This medical breakthrough helping more babies come into the world is mind blowing, however; looking at the current population index, adoption should have been an easy and cheaper route!

Along with the above there are also some ethical questions being raised for renting out one's body and organs for a period. However, as long as a childless couple are getting their bundle of joy in their hands after some time, and are nurturing and raising the infant with proper guidelines. Surrogacy could be regarded as a boon.

Mantra for today: Hail the power of advertising! Demand and Supply came into existence.

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