Friday, June 28, 2013

Independence on 4th of July

FTSF is here. Join in the fun. Today's sentence is:

The best fourth of July I had was when I turned 18

4th of July signifies independence!

I was given the liberty to make my own decisions after I turn 18.

I do not deny that I made all the right decisions in life, but to fall and then get up and lick my wounds is another way to get going!


I made quite a few blunders and wasted some money of my parents.  Allowing me to trod on a path without any guards, was the decision, thus there was no argument at home.

Computer programming was one of them.

Being a chemistry major, I was told that Computer programming is like writing a recipe, and since I had been making concoctions in my lab on a daily basis. I thought of venturing into the BASIC  programming language.

Example :
PUT "What is your name: ", UserName$
PRINT "Hello "; UserName$
  INPUT "How many stars do you want: ", NumStars
  Stars$ = STRING$(NumStars, "*")
  PRINT Stars$
    INPUT "Do you want more stars? ", Answer$
  LOOP UNTIL Answer$ <> ""
  Answer$ = LEFT$(Answer$, 1)
LOOP WHILE UCASE$(Answer$) = "Y" 
PRINT "Goodbye "; UserName$

Unfortunately, my logic would not work.

What's in a name? Why need stars? What for?

Seriously, do you get it?

I remember my computer instructor would ask us to make such weird programs, which made no sense.

Result: My brain did not absorb any logistics of this class. I suffered for 6 long months. All that was taught bounced off my gray matter. I was left with bitterness since firstly wasted money and secondly, I was left confused why do they say that computer programming is like writing a recipe.

I left that statement as is, and continued on with my life.

Mantra for today: Sometimes, things unresolved is the key to happiness

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