Thursday, June 27, 2013

What is the significance of a wedding ring?

Humans fall under many categories with respect to commitment and spending life together, and how they define their love and integrity towards each other, is priceless.

A ring and some vows keep the integrity of a couple.

The above makes them spend years together and rely on each other as they grieve and dance to the tunes of life.


However, this same ring and vows mean nothing for some individuals. The uprightness of virtues go missing and vanish into thin air as the hearts go astray with other bodies.

The bottom line towards honesty with each other lies in the consciousness, and how an individual allows people to walk over it. Some people are unaware and take their relationship for granted thus, the rise of infidelity.

There are some who do not need a ring to stay faithful to their partner. However, they stay loyal to their better halves and the vows they recited when tying the knot.

Question for you: Does man need reminders to stay faithful or his consciousness is enough to prick him when he goes astray?

My 2 cents
Being human is another form of consciousness. Do not let that awareness die within you. It is like dying before the body gives up!

Mantra for today: Your consciousness is the gateway to freedom of all sorrows. Keep those gates open 24/7.
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