Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Brawl has no Heights

We usually achieve Nirvana at a height.

Since  surrounded by bliss and tranquility thus; we tend to put ourselves aside and enjoy what Mother Nature is presenting us.

Unfortunately, this news made headlines.

There was a nasty argument on the slopes of Mount Everest where the climbers and Sherpas had a fight.

The climbers did not agree to the request from their Sherpa guides while the guides fixed the route of their crusade. Thus, igniting the fight.

Superiority does not reign on the slopes where we are at the mercy of nature which can be quite unpredictable.

However, experience counts. That is the only source of knowledge.

The Sherpas outshine the Climbers with respect to experience. Thus, the climbers hire them. 

Mantra for today: Experience needs no income, no class.

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