Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day and How do we Connect to it?

April 22nd is Earth Day.


This is the day we celebrate the planet's existence and reflect on its bounties.

Our Universe has immense resources. This has helped man make umpteen innovations.

It has helped us reduce distances with respect to miles between man, however; our personalities and egos have made our hearts grow miles apart from our loved ones.

Our perspective towards things is different. We tend to point fingers at others for the mistakes they make.

Unfortunately, the blame game is not just limited towards man. We also blame our planet for things that we are suffering from.

Example: Man tends to say, "The weather has become unpredictable."

Now, how did our atmospheric condition change by itself?

Wish these elements existing around us were intelligent to do so. Alas, these changes have come because of man and how it had been dumping and abusing our planet's resources.

Alas, we have still not been able to connect with our home, our Earth. We use it for granted.

Mantra for today: Let's stop the blame game and be responsible for our actions.

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