Friday, April 12, 2013

A Land of Tears

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“If I could live anywhere I would live in the land of tears"

Tears signify emotions, and when an individual is emotional; he is truthful to himself and others.

Sure, it will be a land of constant tears, and that could get dreary, but there will be mixed feelings in the air.

There will be tears for:

  • Vulnerability 
  • A sign of cooperation
  • A sign of helplessness 
  • Relieving stress 
  • Laugh so hard until one cries
  • Joy
  • Regret


Relationships will grow healthy because of tears. Each individual will be transparent as tears will help him unfold the emotions within in while letting go of his ego.

That place will be a land of contentment as sorrows and happiness will accompany man. However, tears will help this man unfold as a result, his thoughts will be see-through, and his actions will be lucid.

Mantra for today: A person without tears; tends to suffer more.

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