Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Money Saving Tips

With inflation hitting each soul on this planet, what we earn becomes meager year by year.


Cause we are ambitious souls, and like to possess what man invents or produces.


We are in the loop hole of debts and sleepless nights and then come the health issues related to stress.

A family of four is secluding them selves from all the greed and materialistic world and is managing to live on 14,000/ per Annum.

When we read such an article; most of us would say, "So what? It's not tough to do so."

But, living within your means and actually just reading about it is different.

Challenge yourself for just one week, and then either admire that family or ridicule them.

Choice is yours!

Mantra for today: Challenging oneself over materialistic issues will make you one step closer to contentment. Try it!

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