Thursday, March 21, 2013

Health Awareness in an Authoritarian Way!

Since Man is always on the run, and also with the rise in costs in health related products that a blood test could mean a lot for many until a problem arises.

CVS Pharmacy wants people to look inside their body on an annual basis by getting a complete metabolic profile via a blood test. 

If not done, their employees will be fined $50/month.

Of course, there is an uproar about it. Where is the democracy?

Why is a man being forced to do an annual check up of himself?

My 2 cents

This is just giving us a shout out on keeping our health in focus. Cause if no health, man will not be able to move around and accumulate wealth.

For some,  it could be useless, but an utterly essential precaution.
Maybe CVS Pharmacy should give discounts to their employees to get such a blood test done. That might encourage people to go for it.

Mantra for today: Precaution is better than cure.

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