Monday, February 25, 2013

Earning Money...a Choice?

Recently I published a hub on How money is related to Stress and Health concerns.

Money is essential for our living, and we got to earn it to survive. But how to draw a line with regards to money with our NEEDS versus the WANTS!

I always thought that if you are not a priest or salvaged your life; earning money is as compulsory as breathing, and that is the cycle of life that is needed for our existence.

I was wrong!

Recently came across a family that prefers to live without money by choice. They prefer to live on the generosity  of others to give them the essential supplies for survival.

The couple has a child, and they are on a money strike.

Seriously, when you have a child in your lives. Would you want to be living on the love and philanthropy of others?

My 2 cents:
You are educated souls, and can easily limit your wants and identify your needs and cash them accordingly; after you earn your money.

Mantra for today: Earn a living respectfully.

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