Friday, February 22, 2013

How to Protect oneself

FTSF is here, and today's sentence is: 

 ”Speaking from experience, I’m going to give you a little advice on holding out your elbows when shopping at bargain stores."

If you feel like shopping at Walmart, go for it. Just remember to  put your hands on your hips while shopping or you hold hands and stick out your elbows or when pushing your cart, extend out your elbows or even extend your arms up and protrude out your elbows.

  Bottom line
Be creative in extending those elbows out!

Elbows are strong and can hurt someone hard.

That way no one will come near you since your elbows will pinch them. You have your own personal space of about 4-5 feet while shopping and no one can push you while trying to get an item.

It sure looks extremely funny when someone you know sees you in such a position, but when they hear you out. You bet, they will also adapt that style of shopping.

You will learn it with baby steps. Be conscious of it and when you see you are entering a zone where there is quite a human population;  extend out your elbows. Initially they will turn and look at you with a frown but then they will realize you to be from Zombie land and ignore you or keep their distance.

Mantra for today: Self protection is the key to man's survival.

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