Friday, November 30, 2012

Significance of a Birthday

Birthday is the date when the person is born. It is a date that is reserved for him.

What is the significance of a Birthday?

He is entitled to be in the spot light for that particular day and get best wishes from his friends and family.

Every body wants to be the highlight of the day, so when it is your birth date, you are entitled to get all the love, attention, best wishes.

Being surrounded by so much positivity brings so much glow and happiness to the birthday person. It is like a natural pain killer since all the negativity dies down when he is surrounded by best wishes and love from his friends and family.

Such is the effect of warm feelings.

Man is degrading since; the day he is born.

Physically the person that I was yesterday is not who I am today. Cells divide on a regular basis; thus, things alter.

We should try to surround ourselves with such positivity each day and try to avoid ingesting chemicals in our body to curb a physical pain because physical pains usually arise when a person is emotionally stressed out. Emotions usually go high when the surroundings are tense.
It is a chain reaction.

Oh, Man, may you have a Birthday each day where you are  mesmerized by the pleasant feelings and get joy and happiness.

Mantra for today: Be Positive Every day!

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