Monday, February 2, 2015

A Suitor

Darci was pacing the garden in anxiety. 

The fruit tree was bearing the crop every thirty minutes, thus making the tree lean over due to the heavy weight.

"What's happening?" she looked at it in bewilderment as she glared at its' branches and stared at the roots.

"Are you under a spell?" she asked while stroking the bark of the tree.

Just then, the earth trembled beneath her. Darci ran away from the tree and soon she could hear continuous and loud plops. Turned towards the noise, and to her dismay, she saw apples falling into the small opening of the earth one by one.

"Gosh! Now, what is this?" she murmured and twitched her hands in apprehension.

"I am going...going and soon will be gone. Rescue me, if you can," came a shriek from the tree.

Her gut reaction made her leap towards the tree and caught a falling apple.

She held it tight, and kissed it while eyeing the others as they were being dumped into the core of the planet.

Soon the drama was over. She could only see a bare tree, tears rolled out of her eyes and some fell on the apple. The apple twitched; that made her throw the apple away in fear. Soon the Apple transformed into the young male. He approached her and held her trembling hands while bowing down to get permission to tie the knot.

Darci was happy yet confused.

"There were many suitors; you picked me, my love!" he said while kissing her hand and placing a ring on her finger.

Mantra for today: Nature has its way to surprise us.

Above is a picture prompt by tbc. Join in the fun

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