Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blame it on Technology?

20th Century

"Riya don't waste your time talking aimlessly over the phone." requests mom as she continues, "Go back to finishing your homework."

"Yes Mom" replied Rita meekly as she quickly hangs up, and goes to her books.
Once finished, she helps out her mom by laying the table for dinner. Also helps cleaning up once done.

 21st Century

"Riya please don't waste your time texting. It would be good if you could finish your homework, you will have more time to watch TV or play video games" requests mom

Riya makes a face, but then ponders over what mom just said, and then puts the phone away while uttering a silent swear under her breath!

Takes her own sweet time to finish her work, and soon Mom is calling out to her, "Riya dinner is ready!"

"Nah, I don't feel like eating"comes a prompt reply

"What happened?" asks an anxious mom

"I just don't like what's on the menu, mom" she replies with anger, and yells, "How many times have I told you, I don't like this vegetable. Ugggh!"

Mom rolls her eyes while coming to terms with her anger, she pulls out a frozen pizza and puts it in the oven. "In my days, I've never had the courage to talk to my parents like this" she said out loud with the hope that her daughter listens.

Peeps in her room to find her wearing headphones and swinging her head back n forth to the music playing in her ears.

My 2 cents
Blame it on the technology that man's behavior is going down the gutters.
He is so self-absorbed by the gadgets that he doesn't care for the flesh that is right there next to him who can actually give him emotional and mental support.

Mantra for today: Man is advancing by inventions, but is throwing the quality of being a human in the dungeon.


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