Sunday, December 14, 2014

A Life cut short

Burning Fossil Fuels is the number one cause of air pollution. In fact I feel that the number of cars on the road must be equivalent to the population of our country. This one, two or three pair of wheels can outnumber the humans living!

 Such is the impact of these automobiles.

Soon they will take over the planet (Figuratively speaking) as they continue to lash out at us by their dangerous fumes that consist of carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen, hydrocarbons and particulates, which actually prohibits man to avoid pulling down his windows to breathe the fresh air. He instead prefers to inhale the air conditioned air or if on a two wheeler will put a mask on him to avoid ingesting the direct fumes.

Time to get back to these automobiles cause if they are not subdued, they will rule over mankind!

Time to shorten their lives to about a year, wherein they are forced to get admitted into a mechanic shop who will tune their engine and other parts such as spark plugs, piston rings, cylinder bores, valves, air cleaner, fuel filter that will prevent them from exhaling those poisonous fumes.

Cleaner air for the city and the people living in it.

My 2 cents
Man has invented plenty. It is time to sustain what we have. That can only be done by cutting the life of our precious brainchild. This will sure be a headache for ALL, but will create awareness and clean air that will help us all walk towards a healthy life.

Programing our inventory so that we can have a life void of Asthma and many breathing problems...Amen!

Mantra for today: Prioritizing things in life can enrich mankind.

The post written for Project365. Their topic is: Necessity is the mother of invention. Invention that could help reverse pollution. how the invention works and how it will save the planet
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