Thursday, February 7, 2013

Who wears the Pants in your Relationship?

Who wears the Pants in your Relationship?
Marriage is an institute where the couple gives and takes from each other without being obligated about it. There is gratitude and utmost caring for the other.

However, unknowingly, one of the spouses in the relationship is either:

  • Wants the remote near him/her 
  • Argues relentlessly until he/she is a winner 
  • Fishes for a compliment every now and then 
  • Picky about going out, thus selects the restaurant/decides upon the evening 
  • Hardly apologizes
  • Handles the chores
  • Loves to do most of the talking
  • Pays the Bills

The list is endless if a couple sits down to chalk out what they do together and prefer to have it their own way. This will be a good therapy for them if only they get out of it with a smiling face :)

Some of us have just taken the stride in a normal way, and laugh out the defects of the spouse. While some continue to complain now and then, and hope that things get sorted out soon.

What to do?

Some of the issues if divided such as paying bill, doing chores will help divide the work within the marriage and give peace of mind to the other over it.

The other issues need to be either taken with an extra puff of oxygen (by deep breathing) or by rolling your eyes now and then when in such a situation.

Mantra for today: Tolerance towards flaws gives stability to the Marriage.
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