Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Benefits of 27Coupons

"It's a WOW time!" Sarita kept humming this now and then in a jarring and unmelodious voice.

I was trying hard to concentrate on my work, but her tune was rattling in my ears although the statement was making me very curious. I gave in and asked her irritatingly, "What is WOW time?" 

She rolled her eyes and started humming it again. 

I could not take it, " Could you please elaborate and not just go about in circles" I requested.

She smiled and while blinking a couple of times she pushed her hair behind her ears, pulled a chair and held my hand and made me sit next to me.

Opened her laptop, and pointed to a site.

"27coupons! Okay! So, you have 27 coupons to shop" I breathe in deep but more puzzled, "I still don't get you" while massaging my temples since her wow time was irritatingly vibrating the cells of my brain, and I did not really get the wow message, yet!

Sarita got the message, and went on typing a keyword amazon on the site, and it opened a site with coupons pertaining to amazon.

"Look! Isn't it wow" she exclaimed with wide eyes! 

I quickly brought myself closer to her, and without taking her permission, I took her laptop and searched for my wish list on the site, and was ecstatic to find coupons with reference to it. 

"Oh! it is a WOW time!" I squealed with delight, as I was shopping for favorite author books, watches, and a smartphone that I had longed for but could not get a discount. To top it all, I got a collective discount on my total amount spent. The shopping was done in few minutes since my wish list was stored in the gray matter for long, and that longing got a quick chance to cough up as soon as an opportunity came knocking.

While typing in my credit card information, I asked with interest, "How did you come to this site?"

"27coupons has been in business for long, and they have collaborated with many famous stores such as Flipkart, eBay, Myntra, and Yatra are some of them. They offer discounts not only merchandises but also on Cruises, Festive Gifts, Flights, Flowers, Entertainment, Grocery, Jewelry, Hotels, Holidays world wide and Health and Fitness.

"Interesting!" I squealed as I bookmarked "" site.

I quickly put the credit card in my wallet and sent out text messages to my friends. 

Sarita was quick to peep and giggled as she closed her laptop.

"It sure is WOW time, and I see you are spreading the happiness around."

"Yes, somebody has to be the Santa Claus, and spread the news around for all of them to avail of these magnificent discounts." I winked and got up while giving out a loud "Ho-Ho-Ho."

Sarita had a smile on her face, as this time she sang in a proper pitch, "It sure is a WOW time. Thank you 27 coupons!"

Mantra for today: Never underestimate the power of online shopping. It can not only give you peace of mind, but also good deals. 


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