Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Future of Abracadabra!

Reader Alert: Fiction

Over a decade ago, I started my blog with a touch of MAGIC
Just a poof and an Abracadabra and voila all the grief would disappear and wishes that one aspired for...would come true!

Thus, began my journey of blogging with Abra-caba-dra where I used to blow out mantras on this blog, and make myself and who ever people were reading it; be able to shape their destiny by their actions. The prime condition would be that the actions had to be attained while listening to only Caribbean music!!

Yes, my blog, my rules!

Now readers were a little annoyed over my conditions, but you see research had indicated that this kind of music digs deep into the neurons, and helped set the wiring straight for our ambitions to come alive. Not many are aware of it, since the research was performed while I was a biochemist in a start-up that was forced to go underground.  Success was attained so easily that protests from activists made our company not even start its ignition, thus went under the surface, and worked as a submarine. Since there was fear that people would just be listening to this kind of music, and become lazy souls!

Many of my employees (including myself)  were the guinea pigs, and we realized that what we envisioned came to life; thus, I enforced it after filing a patent along with many of my ex-employees.

You could either blame it on the universal energy that I had been channeling in my spare time that eventually matured or just the music that had help shape an environment that was suitable for all living beings to exist in peace and happiness!  But, life was taking a turn for the positive, and I could see a change of positiveness around me.

With regards to myself; while the music was flowing 24*7, my actions took shape and with steady steps, I could author a few books and make shape one title's plot onto celluloid.

I wanted all kinds of readers to avail of this opportunity thus as a writer tried to cover...Fiction, Nonfiction, Haikus, Wordless Wednesdays, Book reviews and Spotlights to attract readers to this blog.

Thanks to the research and helping people shape their destiny, this blog has been featured in many "Best Blogs". Also received a couple of virtual awards, which are invisible on my blog due to lack of music.

Music is life for this blog, since it has helped uncover sheaths of ignorance that lies in our brain. As a result, this has helped unfold many journeys that man could have only dreamt upon and has been able to achieve it, and put his signature on it.

Now the question, "is man happy thereafter" is an issue that will take a century to resolve!

But, till then with the music in the background and as the pixie fairy; I continue to wish for abundance of happiness to my fellowmen!


Mantra for today: Belief in magic is a state of mind, which could lead to a blissful living.


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