Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Where Darkness reigns

The clocks strike 5am, and Latha wakes up and walks cautiously to the kitchen.

The walls help support her, and give her way to her destination.

While the kettle is brewing, her fingers stroll gently over the paper, and that makes her eyebrows twitch and eyes moist.

"Gosh! Life is so dingy out there, and people are getting ambiguous of their existence." she says with a deep sigh as she holds the cup prior to pouring the warm fluid in it.

Seats herself guardedly and a smile crosses her lips as she murmurs with confidence, "I see no difference in the lives of people with sight and mine. We both are sailing in darkness. Although, I am aware that my life is absolute even though I reign in this darkness."


5 sentences with a theme of Darkness

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