Friday, August 1, 2014

Is there a Fear Factor?

My reasons for apprehensions are usually associated with chores, or emotions for a loved one.

My "But's" and "If's"that arise either due to some dilemma or due to my arthritis that  slows me down, which gives me a guilt factor and make me spring up in action more so to keep the feelings intact, and not create a scene.

It's not the fear that holds one back.

It is the regret to make someone unhappy especially when they are expecting something from you.

Expectations sure can be treacherous but, that's how we all get into a relationship in the first place, Correct?

Until man continues to live as a social animal, the fear factor will not die off since a life without relationships will cease all communications and correspondence.

To live a life without fear,  man has either embraced solitude or has detached from the society.

Thus, until I decide to confinement, I wanna stay "afraid"

I want to have a fear factor within me since that helps the inside me to stay motivated and inspired to join in the hustle- bustle of the daily life. This kind of emotion even though can get stressful at times, helps me walk along with my brethren's who are also sailing in the same boat while strutting along the path of life.

However, when it comes to being afraid of things such as specific animals or certain events. I need to test my guts and determination to face those fears and get over them! Since in the end, it's all a sound practical judgement that is independent of each being.

We all fear something or the other in this life.

Mantra for today: Being afraid is like making a selection, choice is ours to make!


The above post has been written for Everyday Gyaan

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