Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Relationship between Stress and Man

Stress lately has been blamed for a number of things. This noun gives jitters to an individual when it is upon someone. Side-effects are Sleepless nights, restless mind, which could eventually lead to diseases.

Thus, making stress a very ugly sight or a situation to be. However, I feel that man ought to have a  degree of stress to be successful.


Yes, we need it cause if we would not stress over things or issues, we would be lethargic, careless and sluggish.

The concept of money makes man sweat to get his daily wages. This money helps an individual get his basic necessities that help him survive. Food, clothes, and shelter are some of the essential commodities that make man venture into the wild world, which lays pressure on the physical and mental well being of a person.

At the end of a hard working day, man ought to relieve his tensions. This stress can be washed off with laughter and tears. Thus, concluding that stress helps man to perform well, and earn his primary living.

However, man ought to be smart to be able to use stress to his advantage. Stress can be a good servant for man, but it can turn hazardous if it becomes a master of a man.

Man ought to control the reins of stress as he trots on the road to cognizance.

Mantra for today: If Man uses Stress Cautiously, he can Learn to be Satisfied.

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