Monday, July 22, 2013

Can you be Sensitive and Sensible at the same time?

Being sensitive and sensible...they are usually two sides of a coin. Thus, how can a human trod upon a path adapting both the adjectives in his life?

Man usually thinks from his heart, which makes him sensitive. Such emotional people tend to make  decisions, which are just beneficial to the heart but are not practical or sensible.

How can we acquire both the S's in our life and help balance it out?

Play the brain game!

Our brain has two important portions: left and right chambers. The right brain is best at creative tasks such as music, intuition, creativity, reading and expressing emotions. The left brain involves logic, language and analytical thinking such as logic, critical thinking and reasoning.

The next time when your heart gets emotional over an issue. Your right brain is working. Before you come to a conclusion, be aware of your thoughts and prior to making a decision. Let their be a transmission happening from your right brain to the left brain.

This will help you analyze the situation and make a sensible decision.

The thoughts are all up in your brain. How you execute them, depends on your reasoning.

You are an intelligent soul, thus use your brain to the fullest and attain your goals in life by having the two S's beside you.

Mantra for today: Being Sensible and yet being sensitive to the needs around can make an individual acquire trait which is supreme. Awareness is the key factor behind it.

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