Friday, July 19, 2013

Place of Worship

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Today's sentence is: In temple, I learned about expansion and monetization.

My journey of going to temple started as a kid with my dad. He used to visit a small temple down the street of our home every Saturday evening.

It became a ritual in our household since it was happening week after week. Dad would usually throw in ice-creams after our weekly ritual since the next day would be a holiday for all. I and my brother would look forward to visit every week.

For starters,  this was a very small temple and we hardly had people visiting the deity. Thus, was a quick affair.

As weeks turned into months and years, we saw an increase in number of people visiting that temple. The priest started requesting all to form a line and take turns to visit the deity.

That ten minute visit to the temple had started becoming an hour long.

I and my brother did not complain since firstly it became a hang out place, and we would bump into our friends while standing in the queue to enter the temple and secondly that attraction of having dessert after paying a visit to the Almighty was supreme!

Gradually with the charity and donations of all the people visiting this temple. It got sufficient funds to expand the temple's boundaries and get a fancy interior. A priest was replaced by 3 clerics.

Today, when I visit my hometown, I pass by that temple. It is a huge one, and they have about 5-8 priests, and that temple even has a rumor of granting all the wishes come true thingie!

Seriously, I am amazed how this temple expanded and monetized in  three decades. The turn around of people in this temple is enormous and with that comes donations and belief.

Mantra for today: The belief of man can make even a stone turn into a diamond.

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