Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14th

June 14th was my dad's birthday.

As I fondly used to call him, "Papa"

My papa is no more. He passed away 2 years back while battling against cancer. I am sure he is in a better place right now.

Unfortunately, it is the people that are left behind who have to live with the memories of the deceased.

Days such as birthday, anniversary haunt us more than ever!

Although, we all know that the soul does not have a birth or a death day. It is immortal. It is just the day the body takes birth or dies.

Then why does man get sentimental about it, and gets enveloped by emotions?

Sure, there is no harm in pausing and reflecting upon those moments that helped create memories, but  getting side tracked and going on a path of lamenting should not be the case.

I feel that souls that think alike or have a fondness for each other will meet up in some form or shape.
That might take time.

Time is an allotment that no one can jump through it. Patience is a virtue with respect to this duration.

Time flies when mind is occupied. Man ought to continue doing his actions and time will pass.

Unfortunately, time does not give a man the luxury to rewind and live again.

That makes time precious, and yet a drag when there is a desire for something.

Mantra for today: Time is like a bubble. 

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