Thursday, June 13, 2013

Difference in Parenting

Becoming parents is divine.

Some people would give up their own life style to adapt to the tunes of the baby.

While some would just flush the baby down the toilet.


This mom in china was quite overwhelmed having a baby that she thought of getting rid of the little infant by a mere flush. She is a single mom and that could have been the reason for her insensitivity but, she could have had an abortion rather than keeping the baby full term, delivering it, and then getting rid of it.
How can an individual be so callous?

How can some parents be so divine and some be indifferent? We all have the same soul, body and mind. Is it the circumstances that make some parents hardhearted and some yearn to be good parents?

My 2 cents
No situation in life can be so miserable that one flushes another life down the toilet. It is how we translate our circumstances; that matters from an individual to individual.

Mantra for today: Translate each circumstance of your life in a positive way. It has something to teach you, each day.

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