Monday, June 17, 2013

A Cultural Shift

Recently gay marriages have been in the news.

Humanity is seeing a new shift in culture.

I see this shift as a positive change, which could teach a man and a wife in a marital bond to love unconditionally.

Gay people have more love and respect for each other than a man and a wife in a marriage.

I am glad that the revolution of marriage started where the gays are put in the limelight. This has showcased their unconditional love, respect and patience to make their relationship legal and recognized. It took years for them to be legal, but as far as I read in the news, these couples have endured all kind of storms that the society threw upon them, and they stood hand in hand.

 This speaks a lot about their relationship.

This legalization will help enrich our traditional marriage, which has ugliness surfacing due to egoistic individuals that are in this institute of acknowledged bond, and take some positive notes from this new change.

Mantra for today: There is always a bang before a change. Look out for these noises since; they are teaching humanity a lesson.

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