Monday, June 3, 2013

A Quick Fix HumanBeing

Humans are always on the run thus, when any physical ailment strikes. We do not want to go the natural way i.e wait and allow the body to recover. Just wanna pop in the pill and get going.

  Time is precious for all, as man has advanced technologically and is inventing gadgets with every wink of an eye. However, this rat race is making the body chemically endangered.

However, needless to say, pharmaceutical companies are also working day and night to juggle the demands of various diseases as a scientist is researching ways to alternate the chemical pathway so that a human being can continue to tread on the path of longevity despite being chemically unbalanced.

We all are becoming a quick fix human being.

Blame it on the rat race that man has created.

Pharmaceutical companies are also taking advantage of this by creating pills that help to suppress that problem and not cure the situation.

Mental health is a big issue that is invading many human lives. Blame it on the competition and the survival of the fittest trend. Man does not want to stop and focus on his thoughts and feelings. Peer pressure is making him follow the path that many take.

Result: Crime is on the rise.

There is agitation within that person that at times,  even the pill cannot suppress.

Man has to let go of Social Media and take time to look within himself, his feelings, his thoughts.

This vicious circle is invading each home.

It reminds me of the famous story of the turtle and the rabbit. Most of us have narrated that story to our kids but, how many of us follow it?

We ought to think of our long term goal rather than just crossing the finishing line like a rabbit would do. The turtle was slow but kept taking steady steps towards his goal. Result: He was the winner!

Mantra for today: Slow and Steady win the race.

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