Friday, May 31, 2013

My Favorite Movie

FTSF is here. Join in the fun.
Today's sentence is: 

My favorite movie of all time is the story line that I am living.

I am the main actor playing my role with caution each day. As I dodge all sorts of bullets that come my way while making it successfully to my bed each evening as I thank the Lord for helping me survive that day....Phew!

Now, thankfully this actor is living in peaceful conditions and has the liberty to walk, talk and eat what she likes. Since Destiny is her Director, she ought to have gratitude within her.

The movie is a fiction and the ending is unknown.

If the actor keeps working hard in performing good deeds, her bank balance will be good. Thus, making it a good ending.

So far this movie has had a couple of laughter's, romance, tragedy, sorrow, happiness, contentment. These were some momentary phases of the actor that made the movie crisp and sensational.

Since all movies are a mixture of the above, the actor believes that this movie will also be a super-duper hit (fingers crossed)!!

Mantra for today (as told by Shakespeare): This world is a stage, and we all are actors playing our roles.

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