Friday, March 15, 2013

Closed Doors

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Haiku on Closed Doors

Every Man desires,
To ascend the flight of stairs;
Of accomplishment

Comes only when Time is due.
Till then, doors are closed.

Get hold of wisdom;
From closed doors. They are talking;
Lesson in disguise.

Wish Life were fair.
Wish life  was undemanding.
But, not the issue.

Continue to row,
Your boat to destination.
Door will open; give away!

Time is powerful,
Time is piquant and pungent.
Aroma will come.

Oh man! do not get,
Dejected, unhappy, sad.
Closed doors will open.

Mantra for today: Closed doors are a blessing in disguise. Patience is the key to opening those doors.
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