Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mother Teresa

Any selfless act done towards humanity or towards any living creature should not be judged.

Alas, man is a selfish soul and likes to point fingers at everyone.

No one is spared whether dead or alive.

Lately in the news, I was shocked to read about accusations on Mother Teresa. She was called a jerk.

Sure, we all are jerks in one or the other way. No one is perfect.

But, the thought of putting someone ahead of me is supreme. She did that. Her motto was to help under-privileged people, and gave up her life for that.

Do we do such a thing? At least not me!

Thus, no right to judge anyone.

My 2 cents!

Try to be in the shoes of the accused prior to judging him/her.

Mantra for today: Accusing others is a sign of insecurity within you.

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