Monday, March 18, 2013

Marking the 10th Anniversary of Invasion of Iraq

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and as we look back to all those years of torture and pain and suffering and blood shed with the noises of bullets, and the amount of money spent over it.

We wonder, was it worth it?

Even when soldiers were deployed from Iraq, they could not rest in peace under their own sheets even when surrounded by familiar walls of their home. The images of war disturbed many mentally and emotionally thus, suicide rates are high since then.

Was it worth it?

Analysis shows that we spent over trillion hard earned money of the citizens of America over this war.

Was it worth it?

I wish our brains could eradicate all those memories created via this war. I wish those cells holding that kind of memory degenerate. But, alas science does not work on the terms of the deeds of mankind.

Mantra for today: Think twice before you act.
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